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The Aura Glass Freely Swirls to Blend a Drink’s Aromas & Flavors

By admin

October 07, 2015


Aura Glass setting trends, as Reviewed on Trendhunter.com

October 7, 2015

The Aura Glass is a unique wine vessel that effortlessly rotates itself in order to swirl and blend aromatics and flavors together. The goal for this wine glass is to enhance each consumer’s beverage experience by elevating the flavors and overall enjoyment of the wine.

The Aura glass is designed like a long-stemmed wine glass except without the handle. Instead of the stem, this glass has a marble-like ball in the center that acts as the anchoring point. This ball ensures the wine glass is able to roll without spilling.

This vessel will make wines taste better while presenting each beverage in a unique fashion. The glasses are clear to allow each consumer a full view of the liquid contents that continuously swirls around.Stats for Effortless Rotating Wine Glasses