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Aura Glass – The Wine Glass Redesigned

By admin

Redesigned Wine Glass: Aura Glass as Reviewed By GetDatGadget.com
Wine connoisseurs insist that wine is best if it is given time to “breathe”. This is done through a process that is known as aerating the wine. Aerating wine can be …

Aura Glass Review by One of the Top Wine Influencers

By admin

Aura Glass review in the “December 2015 Wine Product Round Up” by Joe Roberts at 1winedude.com
December 14, 2015
Today, I’ve two items that will receive the deeper-dive inspection.
The first is something about which I’ve serious mixed feelings: the …

From Corporate Grind to Creative Success

By admin

Aura Glass is more than just an average startup business; it is the result of the unexpected experiences we as a couple have encountered throughout our personal and professional journeys. As we transitioned from the daily corporate grind to being …

Aura Glass rated B+ at Good Spirits News, by frodelicious

By admin

Frodelicious reviews Aura Glass at Good Spirits News
November 12, 2015
Aura Glass is a rotating goblet that aerates your wine with the touch of a finger. Unlike any other wine glass, Aura Glass pivots on a stainless steel ball, which blends …

Drinking Revolutionized! The Aura Glass!

By admin

By Jesse James at stupiddope.com
October 9, 2015
Look, drinking is something we certainly enjoy, and we’re sure you do too. Sometimes a drink can be ruined due to sitting, lack of movement, and so many more elements. Well today …

A Uniquely Designed Glass That Pivots on a Stainless Steel Ball to Thoroughly Aerate Wine

By admin

Lori Dorn at LaughingSquid.com writes about Aura Glass
October 8, 2015
The Aura Glass is a uniquely designed beverage glass/decanter that pivots on a stainless steel ball to thoroughly aerate wine and to reduce accidental beverage spillage. The glass comes …

The Aura Glass Freely Swirls to Blend a Drink’s Aromas & Flavors

By admin

Aura Glass setting trends, as Reviewed on Trendhunter.com
October 7, 2015
The Aura Glass is a unique wine vessel that effortlessly rotates itself in order to swirl and blend aromatics and flavors together. The goal for this wine glass is …

With Aura Glass, You’ll Never Spill Your Wine Again

By admin

Aura Glass is a Killer Startup as per Emma McGowan at KillerStartups.com
September 23, 2015
My boyfriend likes to say that I’m not very “body aware.” That’s his nice way of saying I’m clumsy. In the past year or so …